Thursday, April 3, 2008

Midterm Open Response

The narrator of the book characterize Susan ward's attitude of Milton as it being a remarkable place of peace and security. This feeling is continues throughout the passage. These feelings are biggest in paragraph's four. When she is first talking about the town of Milton and then when she is telling us how there wasn't another place as good as Milton for her.
In paragraph 4 the narrator characterize Susan's attitude as being a remarkable place by telling us that "how wrong those women in San Francisco had been convinced that their old homes did not welcome them on their return. The Narrator says that when Susan friend went home their town was not as good to them as Milton was to her then again the narrator tells us that “she was sunk in her affection for home. Even the sighs of mutability that sometimes jolt she loves this town even the sighs of change give her a rush.

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Mario R. 5 said...

this is my open response from my midterm. The reason that i pick this was because i believe that it was my best on-demand writing because i felt that i understood this question fully. also because i have good memoirs with this paper it try to get away from my midterm pile and end up on in the recycling bin.