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Bruegel Blog a picture is wroth a thousand words

In Pieter Bruegel’s Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, Pieter Bruegel's use a great deal of detail to express Ovid’s story of the young Icarus and his un timing death, due to his own ignorant decision not to listen to his father. The painting is just a realistic piece that perfectly sets the setting of the story of Icarus. Bruegel’s bring his painting to life by using a wide variety of colors to detail his image. He use colors in way that makes you feel like you are there in person watching what is going on as it is happening. The first way that he does this is by making everything that you see in front of you more detail and dark colored than as you look farer away the image becomes less and less detail and more bright colored. The next way that he makes everything seen more realistic is by making the objects that are in front of you more bigger then the ones that are much farer away. The painter puts a lot dark colors to illustrate the death of Icarus but puts in some light colors to show life moving on.

The first thing that caught my eye was the farmer plowing his farm with what seems to me to be a donkey. The donkey is pulling the plow and it seems to be The farm is wearing a gray suspender with a red long sleeve shirt underneath. The painter painted the shirt red as a sign of death. The color red is symbolic to death, blood, and murder. The farmer seems to be forces on what his doing and nothing else. The next that caught my eye was the first ship. The ship was drawn big to because it was close it is also in motion out to sea this known because the sails are expand with wind. The next object that caught my eye was the shepherd who seems to be stirring out in to space also he does not seem to be aware of what’s happening around him like the farmer. The author put him doing this to show him staving up at the Icarus and Daedalus as if they were gods . There are 20 sheep’s that are white, 2 that are gray and 1dog the painter, puts in the sheep’s, and the dog to add to the environment. The next part of the picture that caught my eye was a island with a castle or a rock cave. I believe this to be the island that Icarus and his father were exile to. The reason that I believe this to be the island that they were banished to is because the painter went to a lot of trouble to make it look like dark unforgiving place. The next thing that caught my eye was the fading image of a beautiful city in the far up left hand corner this must have been the city that Daedalus and Icarus were banished from. Pieter Bruegel makes you believe this because he painted the city in light vibrant colors so that it feels like that city was perfect. The thing that slip my eye was the drawn of Icarus himself drowning. The only reason that I saw this man drowning is because I look up what the painting was about and it was mentioned. Next to the drowning Icarus is a men who seems to be fishing and does not noticed the men that is right in front of him is drowning. These are the three people that are mentioned in the story of Deadalus and Icarus. The next thing that capture my eye was the sun in the story it is said that icarus few up toward the sun which is why his wax wings melted but the sun is setting. The next thing that caught my eye was the a little drawn of a bird near the island that has a rock castle it is a drawn of a crow which relates to death. Another that I noticed is the if you look close next to Icarus and the fisher man there is a turtle in the water. The last then that eye noticed was how the place where Icarus is drown is the darkest place on the whole piece of paper.

The thing that vex me the most about this painting was the fact that even though it was supposed to about the story of Icarus. The title of the painting is Landscape with the Fall of Icarus c. 1558 Oil on canvas. The painter try to focus more on the landscape more then the fall Icarus. The fall of Icarus is just the inspiration for the painting it self that was why Icarus is shown but not in great detail. The story itself is what the paint was focus on more of what happen throughout the book rather then how Icarus died. He personifies nature to give the painting a more lively feel.

Bruegel, Pieter Landscape with the Fall of Icarus c. 1558 Oil on canvas is a outstanding piece of work it gives you close up look at what the story is going on about or in other words it paints the vision that is in your head piece by piece. I think that the painter painted this painting to let people know how he saw the story.

The painting itself is basically what I saw the story as. From Daedalus being banished from this incredible city that he longs for. which the painter painted perfectly because even I wanted to go there because of the beautiful colors. Also the painter made the littles things the biggest on the canvas. For example he made the farmer the Shepard and the fisherman the biggest things on the canvas when they had the littlest to do with the story of Icarus. The thing that I liked the most from this painting was how the painter did not focus Icarus died but rather how he lived

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ok the great bruegel blog a picture is wroth a thousand words. This was the funnest work i think because it was all free write all you just did was write what you saw and what did you felt it meant. The reason that i like this is because free writing about art is fun and i could do it all day. also what do you know a picture is wroth a thousand words it's not just a phase.