Thursday, March 27, 2008

The plum plum pickers

In the story of plum plum pickers Manuel is a hard working farmer/slave who feels that the day drag on in a repeating routine. One of the reason that he believes this is because he is not very fond of his boss Roberto Morales who is a former slave but now takes advantage of his workers by taking a percentage of their pay for him self and Manuel is fad up with it. The author Raymond barrio purpose of the story the plum plum a picker is to show the morals of men. Barrio shows how some people do all the work and others wreak all the awards. Barrio does this though imagery, word context, and one word sentence. He shows the difference between two men one Roberto Morales and Manuel. Roberto is a former slave who was made boss by he’s employer and now takes advantage of his former co-workers.

The first way that barrio shows the morals of men is though imagery were he haves Manuel doing hard work and then he haves Roberto Morales doing nothing and takes credit for there work and also taking there money. In the 2nd paragraph after lunch Manuel gets back to work.
“The endlessly unending piling up of bucket upon box upon crate upon stack upon rack upon mound upon mountain.” In this passage Manuel is working hard for his pay even though he dislikes it. Then on the second page barrio shows Morales and his lack of morals trying to go against his word. “now announced Morales at last , un his friendliest tone. Now I must take two cents from every bucket… you promise to take nothing Manuel heard himself saying. Everyone turned in astonishment.” Barrio place this passage in to show the lack of morals that Morales have and also to show Manuel stick up for his morals.
Throughout the story Barrio use and variety of words to express manuals feeling about what is going on at that pacific moment. For instance when Barrio writes “All wafting through his feverish moments. Tiredness drained his spirit of will. Exhaustion drained his mind. His fingers burned. His arms flailed the innocent trees.” In this passage barrio use a beautiful word choice to explain what Manuel is feeling. Barrio is explaining the exhaustion of a hard days work. The heat from the sun and the back aching work he tells the audience of fever moments that his skin starts to burn and how he is wavering away the trees away to nothing. Then right after that Manuel faints and “Roberto happened and shook his head. “whatsamatter, can’t you see straight, pendejo.” In this passage barrio shows how Morales lacks morals.
Barrio uses one word sentence to indicate the differences between Manuel and Morales morals. For instance in the first paragraph he Manuel says “Animal.” In writing this word in this paragraph he lets people know that he works like an animal. Then later he haves Morales saying palms up. Which shows both of their morales one who works hard another who just wreaks the awards.

The last thing that he does is choice there names to show the morals of men he names Manuel, Manuel as in manual labor and morales is for moral-less for lack of morals. So these are the reason why I believe that the barrio purpose is two show the morals of men.

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Mario R. 5 said...

Ok now this might be a little off what people will think is notebook entry the reason that i choice the plum plum pickers as my notebook entry. Is because in the begin of the year when we had read this it interest me so much how there so many clues in the writing that i would of have never thought about like how the author had twist the names it was just so cool. also i believe that it falls under notebook because we had tooken notes about it and wrote comments in my notebook.